How we define Socially Devoted

Socially Devoted is calculated based on the number of public questions answered during a 3-month calendar quarter. To qualify to be Socially Devoted, you must meet this criteria:

  1. 1. Your brand must receive 50 questions or more from Fans or Followers during the quarter.
  2. 2. Your brand must possess a 65% response rate or higher for questions for the quarter.

Why can't I know if my brand is Socially Devoted or not?

When trying to analyze data about a brand, sometimes there is a problem. While we have an enormous database containing millions and millions of brands at Socialbakers, unfortunately, we don't have all brands accounted for. For the metrics that we use, we rely on historical data from a Facebook profile or a Twitter account. This data is not readily avalaible and vanishes off of Facebook and Twitter servers within a short, set period of time.

It is occasionally possible that a user requests a brand that has never been added into our database before. When this happens, we start calculating data and metrics from the time at which it was added. For example, if we receive data about a brand on September 1st, then we will only have data from September 1st and onward.