In 2012, Socialbakers introduced an industry standard called “Socially Devoted,” addressing brands that incorporate social networks into their marketing strategies. Although the Socially Devoted standard provides results for brands on Facebook and Twitter, its principles apply to all social networking platforms, including Google+, YouTube, and others. In order to be successful on social media channels, it is crucial to be Socially Devoted no matter what industry you are involved with – whether it be retail, airlines, media companies, and even film!

How we measure Social Devotion?

1.) The company creates an open line of communication with fans

The brand’s social network Page is set up in order to create an interaction with its fans. This means that brands should be posting sharable content that fans and followers can relate to and engage with. Regarding Facebook, the Page’s walls must be open so that fans can post comments and questions.

2) The company responds to its fans’ questions at least 65% of the time

"The brand responds to as many fan posts as possible. Our criteria state that at least 65% of all questions should be answered. This year, for Q3, we found that the amount of questions received is bigger than ever, with a 54% increase in volume from Q3 in 2012! With so much demand from users, its important that you reply to as many questions from your community as possible."

3) The company responds in a timely fashion

Your Page essentially doubles as a customer care site. Therefore, not responding in a timely manner is off-putting for fans that are anxious for information. During Q2, in 2013, the volume of questions asked by fans increased by 85% compared to those throughout Q2 in 2012. In this quarter, brands performed fantastically, as they managed to answer 143% more questions than one year ago and 17% more questions than in Q1 2013!

The current industry benchmark allows for a response time of around 19.2 hours, which is an improvement compared to Q1’s response time, which was more than 22 hours. We advise brands to try to respond within 30 minutes. Depending on the nature of your service, you may want to consider 24/7 support.

We've created these criteria to help brands most effectively engage with their fan base. The social marketing industry is based on fan interaction, sustaining engagement, and loyalty. Since we’ve implemented this standard, we’ve already seen a dramatic increase in brand page engagement and Response Time. Well done, brands, and keep up with the good work in managing your fans interactions!

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Socially Devoted Companies

Social Customer Care Metrics

  • No. of Fans

    The number of fans the particular brand has on their respective Facebook page.

  • No. of Questions

    Number of Wall posts posted to the wall of that particular fan page.

  • Response Time (RT)

    The average time it takes for the company to respond to the user wall posts.

  • Response Rate (RR)

    The percentage of user wall posts that get responded to by the company.

Increased Response Rate

Since June 2012, the average industry Response Rate has increased from 30% to 60% in Q1 2013.

More Questions

During Q1, the volume of questions asked by fans increased by 30%.

Improved Management

In this quarter, brands managed to answer almost 50% more questions than in Q4.

Socially Devoted Q3 2014 Infographic

Socially Devoted Q3 2014 Facebook Infographics Download Infographic

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